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Simply is designed for humans.
Easy, simple & fast.
Save time
Waste less time on the boring work
– and get more done.
Easy collaboration
Fast overview and easy collaboration,
– anytime and anywhere.
We speak your langauge
Both support and software in all languages,
Including your local language.
Never forget a task or a client again
We chose to use Simply CRM, which is easier and faster than any other solution we have reviewed.
We spend less time getting an overview, and no tasks or possible clients are ever forgotten.
Alexander Kjaerum
Easy and fast to work with
Simply is exactly that. Simple. We are happy to work in Simply every day, and we believe it helps us in our daily work.
The support is fast and efficient, whenever we have a doubt. That makes it even better.
Hans Skovfoged
Creative Director

The CRM solution you will actually use

Simply is designed for you, the user. No workbooks or technical manuals needed, and no IT-education either. It is CRM for everyone.

Sound too good to be true?  Try for yourself, right now.

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Simply integrates with everything

Or – almost anything. Simply is already integrated with most of the popular international platforms. If you need something special, then just let us know and we will integrate it.

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Get started now – no credit card needed